Golden Vision is your eye doctor first and foremost, so we will ensure you have a safe and effective LASIK procedure and receive the results you need.  We will never force or pressure you into LASIK, because your safe eye health is our priority.  We act as your advocate and as an expert resource to help you along this journey.

We not only know about current laser technology, but we are also familiar with local surgeons, so we can make trustworthy recommendations.  If you are a current patient of Golden Vision, we also have access to your eye health records and are already familiar with the history of your vision.  We know whether LASIK is a good choice for you, and which surgery will work best for your eyes.  If you are not a current patient, then we get to know you and your eyes before moving forward with LASIK.

Since we handle both pre and post-surgery care, you can be assured that your vision is being cared for by experienced eye doctors whose main concern is your well-being.


how do I find a laser eye surgeon in houston
In recent years, LASIK has become one of the most popular forms of vision correction, as it eliminates the need for glasses or contact lenses.  At Golden Vision, we want to offer you our guidance and expertise in LASIK.  If you are interested in laser eye surgery, we can provide you LASIK co-management services, where we give you pre-operative care to confirm you are a candidate, advice on choosing your surgeon and specific refractive surgery, and post-operative care to ensure a successful recovery.  Our Houston LASIK services keep you safe and get you the results you want out of your LASIK.
how do I find a laser eye surgeon in houston


LASIK surgery can be a hard decision to make, as it involves sorting through all the different prices and financing options, knowing the latest laser technologies available, finding an experienced and trusted surgeon, figuring out what kind of refractive surgery you need, and determining the risks and seeing if LASIK is the best choice for your unique eyes

This research can be overwhelming.  Luckily, with Houston Golden Vision by your side, you don’t have to answer any of these questions on your own!  We can help you through the LASIK process and answer many of these questions for you, as we have the necessary medical knowledge.  You can have peace of mind that your procedure is being overseen by an eye care expert.


I highly recommend Golden Vision, my family comes here whenever we need a pair of glasses or eyes exam. Great service and great people.




how do I find a lasik surgeon in houston
Our surgeon recommendations come after a thorough investigation into that surgeon’s experience, customer service, and safety record.  Some of our criteria for our LASIK surgeons include:

  • No less than 10,000 successful refractive surgeries
  • High academic standing
  • In-depth peer review
  • Experience with current laser technology such as an Orb Scan, Custom Wavefront technology, and Intralase technology


Our Houston vision insurance specialists can help you understand your vision insurance and whether it includes LASIK coverage.  We also offer further financing options for LASIK services, and most patients should receive a referral discount from our recommended LASIK surgeon.

To learn more about insurance coverage and Golden Vision’s convenient financing options, check out our insurance and payments page.

how do I find a lasik surgeon in houston

Let Us Help You!

Safe, effective, and comfortable LASIK.  Our expert Houston eye doctors guide you through the LASIK process to help you make the right choice for your eyes.  We are dedicated to giving you a successful LASIK experience and helping you find an experienced surgeon you can trust.

Contact us to learn more about how our co-management services can ensure you get the results you need from your LASIK surgery.



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